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Pond Maintenance:

  • Trim Plants

  • Remove leaves

  • Brush the falls and tile/water line

  • Check the health of fish

  • Test water parameters

  • Add enzymes and more to breakdown waste in the pond

  • Clean filters and assess pumps

  • Manage the gravel


  • Pond and Aquarium maintenance

  • Pond water changes including gravel cleaning

  • Rock formations

  • Supply koi and goldfish

  • Supply pond plants (lilies, taro, etc)

  • New filtration

  • Aquarium relocations and setups

  • Much more!


Aquarium Maintenance:

  • Clean algae from the glass

  • Water changes

  • Gravel vac

  • Test water parameters

  • Check fish for disease

  • Clean filters

  • Balance water with chemicals as needed


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